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Top Frequently Asked Questions

We list all the repair shops in the UK. We do not ask the business for a fee to be listed on the site.


We collect items from the Repair Shops to be repaired, reused and recycled. We generate a revenue from this and this is our main aim of the business. We also sell components such as Lcd screens to the business and other parts being repaired. 

We ask for a very small donation from the Repair Shops to access online quotes system. This fee help with advertising and running costs. 

We want all the Repair Shops to start recycling old, broken and unwanted items. We want to encourage people to give unwanted items to the shops so that they can be repaired, reused and recycled.

Many people throw away the old electronics in the bin and this is very harmful to the environment. Our target is one million items recycled in a year.  

This also allows the businesses in that area to provide a quote to the customer directly. We don't get involved with the transaction. 

We ask you to submit your business, because we use an algorithm to find businesses! It tends to be accurate but on very rare occasions it will miss a business; this allows business owners the chance to rectify that mistake if we don't catch it ourselves.

In addition, sometimes not all the information is available online, so we always recommend you submit your business information so we can ensure we have complete and accurate information.

We don't know which business are the best. We recommend getting the quote in writing with the warranty terms before leaving the item at the repair shop.

A repair shop could be great one week but than the technician could leave and this could have an impact on the quality of services provided.

We do visit the shop to collect unwanted electrical items and communicate any concerns we find.

The short answer is no. It is not possible to inspect every business and we have a criteria that we follow.
If a complaint is made we restrict the business from sending quotes

We don't have one single source as we pull our information from all across the internet. If it's on the internet, we've probably seen it! We also receive emails from customers and have online partners to help collect information. Most business information (such as emails, phone numbers, addresses) are from the businesses directly. 

The short answer is no, we do not. We understand that businesses are run by humans and humans can have off days. We don't want to know how XYZ performed on Jan 1, 2022 – we want to know how XYZ performs on average. In addition, this allows us to have an unbiased view of the business; we don't know the owner, we don't know the staff, and we don't feel pressured to list them. Of course, this is where you, as a customer, comes in. If you feel like we made a mistake, noticed a business closed down let us know! Support@RepairPrice.co.uk 

It depends on the size of the city/town. Larger cities can naturally bear the burden of many businesses, while smaller cities cannot. There's no “right” answer, but it typically is in the thousands if not tens of thousands.

We don't post negative reviews, because frankly they make it harder to decide. We do see all the negative reviews and make a note of them so they are considered.
However, we are not a review site.

We provide a recycling score to the Repair Shop. The more the Shop recycle the higher the score. The higher the score the better the position on the directory.

Our aim is to get the shops to start to recycle more.

Approximately a year, you will be reevaluated. This allows for growth and healthy competition, as well as ensuring the accuracy of our list.

Do you have a concern about a business? Let us know! Support@RepairPrice.co.uk

We update our website daily to ensure accuracy.

The position of your business in your local area is determined by how much you recycle.
Each item collected generates a value and the total value the location on the listing

This becomes an incentive to recycle more.

The discounts are from the businesses themselves.
While we do try to ensure accuracy of the discounts, Repair Price takes no responsibility for the discounts and makes no claims about their validity.

Please let us know if you have had any problem.
We will do our best to help

Get in touch we will help you to improve your listing and get more customers at the same time.

Feel free to email our Director of Communications at support@RepairPrice.co.uk for help promoting your business.

Please let us know! You can email us directly at support@RepairPrice.co.uk

If you are a business looking to update your business information please check out our Update Business page for further instructions.
If you didn't find your question listed here, have further questions, or are confused feel free to contact us directly at Support@RepairPrice.co.uk and we would be more than happy to help!