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Apple iPhone 8

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Volume Button Repair

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Rear Cover Repair

Rear Camera Repair

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Microphone Repair

Loud Speaker Repair

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iPhone 8 Repair Services

Is your trusty iPhone 8 in need of some TLC? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our skilled technicians specialize in iPhone 8 repairs, ensuring your device is back in perfect working order in no time. Below, you'll find a list of common repairs we offer for the iPhone 8:

Screen Replacement

Cracked or shattered screen? No problem! Our expert technicians can replace your iPhone 8 screen with a high-quality, genuine part to restore its pristine appearance.

Price: from £19.99

Battery Replacement

Experiencing rapid battery drain or sudden shutdowns? It's time for a new battery. We use genuine Apple batteries to ensure optimal performance.

Price: from £19.99

Charging Port Repair

Is your iPhone 8 having trouble charging or connecting to a computer? Our technicians can replace the charging port so you can stay connected.

Price: from £19.99

Rear Camera Replacement

Blurry photos or a malfunctioning camera? Let us replace your iPhone 8's rear camera so you can capture memories in crystal clear detail.

Price: from £19.99

Front Camera Replacement

Selfies not looking their best? Our technicians can replace the front camera to ensure you're always picture-ready.

Price: from £19.99

Speaker Repair

Experiencing muffled or distorted audio? We can replace the speaker in your iPhone 8 so you can enjoy clear sound again.

Price: from £19.99

Water Damage Assessment

If your iPhone 8 has taken an unexpected dip, bring it to us for a thorough assessment. Our technicians will diagnose and repair any water-related issues.

Price: from £19.99 (Includes assessment fee)

Diagnostic Service

Not sure what's wrong with your iPhone 8? Our technicians can perform a comprehensive diagnostic to identify any issues.

Price: from £19.99 (Waived if you proceed with the repair)

How It Works:

  1. Request a Quote: Fill out our online form or give us a call to get a quote for your specific repair.

  2. Drop Off or Mail In: You can drop off your iPhone 8 at our location or mail it in using our secure shipping process.

  3. Expert Repair: Our skilled technicians will promptly diagnose and repair your device using high-quality parts.

  4. Quality Assurance: We rigorously test each repaired device to ensure it meets our high standards.

  5. Pick Up or Ship Back: Once your iPhone 8 is ready, you can pick it up in person or we'll ship it back to you.

Note: Prices may vary depending on the extent of the damage and availability of parts. All repairs come with a 12 month warranty on parts and labor.

Don't see the repair you need listed here? Feel free to contactus for a customized quote.

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